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Dear Brilliant Reader,
First things first. Please join my Reader Club (it's a lot of fun) and gain insider access to giveaways, sales, book recommendations, funny stories, and upcoming releases. 

Now that we have that bit of housekeeping out of the way and you've joined the club (go you!), let me officially introduce myself. My name is Johan Twiss. (Pronounced Yo-Han. Just pretend you saw Han Solo and called out, "Yo, Han, what's up?" There, you've got it down.)

This is my "look at me I'm a professional," picture.

Author Johan Twiss

Some things you should know about me are...

 Wonder Woman
I happen to be married to Wonder Woman (which is awesome!)

And I'm an adoring father with a handful of creative, cunning, and caring kids.
Other interesting facts...
 My patronus is batman
Expecto patronum Gotham!
Johan Twiss dunking a basketball 
I could once kinda sorta dunk a kids basketball.

Johan Twiss archery
I would have won the Hunger Games (except I'm too nice to hurt people) 

I play a few instruments including...
Johan Twiss plays trombone
(yeah, that pic goes way back)

Johan Twiss guitar
(The family band back when the kids were little.)

Johan Twiss plays harmonica
Blues Harmonica


Johan Twiss Audiobook Narrator 
I double as a voice actor when time permits.

 Johan Twiss Painting 
I like to paint.

I once had hair on my head...and could levitate watches.

Johan Twiss Penny Table
And I like to build things, like this dining room set with benches and a penny border table.


On a more serious note, I'm a modern day abolitionist who supports the work of anti-human trafficking NGO's worldwide. I've written a novella about human trafficking in Cambodia titled 30 Red Dresses.  There are many forms of human trafficking, and this story touches on one of the saddest ways children are exploited. But through my experience with NGO's and interviewing survivors, my book focuses on the success, aftercare, and hope for trafficking victims and ending slavery in our world.

30 Red Dresses Fight Against Human Trafficking


I invite you to learn more about the reality of human trafficking in our world and how you can combat this modern slavery by visiting these NGO's that I support.
International Justice Mission
Operation Underground Railroad
Love 146
Free the Slaves