FREE School Visits

1. It's FREE! I never charge schools, teachers, or classrooms. If I have to travel farther than 1.5 hours from my hometown in Saratoga Springs, UT, the visit is still free but I travel costs must be covered. Check with me if you're in a school outside that 1.5 hour zone or even out of state. I often travel to different parts of the country, and maybe arrangements can be made to stop by your school while I'm on a trip.

2. Flexible duration

  • 30, 45, or 60 minute engaging presentations available

​3. Prepared or custom topics

  • Developing creativity and story idea creation
  • The book writing process
  • Writing advice and tips (Dialogue, Character Development, Editing, etc...)
  • Anti-bullying and entertaining life lessons (I do magic tricks and tell jokes, and activities to get the kids involved)
  • A mixture of all of the above, or I can prepare a custom topic you would like discussed in your classroom or school.

4. Free artwork for all students
All students receive 1 free piece of artwork from my I Am Sleepless scifi series (ages 9+).


Mrs. Kunzler, 4th grade, Sage Hills Elementary
"Johan Twiss was a great classroom speaker. My students were so excited that he was an author and he inspired them to write too! He told them his process of writing and even helped them brainstorm their own ideas. He also made the presentation fun and related well to the students. I already plan to have him back next year!"

Mrs. Card, 4th grade, Sage Hills Elementary
"My class absolutely enjoyed every minute of the author visit with Johan Twiss!"

Now that's a face!

Kids get to spin the Prize Wheel of Awesomeness! (Prizes included Dad Jokes and Magic Tricks.)

We talk about the 4 P's to generating story ideas and we create the beginnings of a story by thinking inside the box. (Yes, I said inside the box!)

I also share a funny story from my youth about how creativity can have consequences. Let's just say oranges, my brother, a homemade slingshot made from my paper route rubber bands, and a police car were involved.