School Visits

Great for classrooms, assemblies, remote learning, and homeschool groups!

1. It's FREE! I never charge school groups.

2. Flexible duration

  • 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute engaging presentations available

​3. Prepared or custom topics

  • Developing creativity (writing, music, art, sports, etc...)
  • The book writing process
  • Writing advice
  • Anti-bullying and entertaining life lessons (I do magic tricks and tell jokes, and activities to get the kids involved)
  • A mixture of all of the above, or I can prepare a custom topic you would like discussed in your classroom or school.

4. Free artwork for all students
All students receive 1 free piece of artwork from my I Am Sleepless scifi series (ages 8+). Shipping fees apply for virtual visits where the artwork must be mailed. Local schools where I can drop artwork off ahead of visits do not incur a shipping charge.

Contact me for more details and to schedule a school or class visit. I look forward to hearing from you!

Johan Twiss School Visits

Schools and classes will receive free posters to help promote the author visit. Students and parents can order books online ahead of time and I will bring their signed copies of the books and their artpacks to the school for delivery to the students.