Writing Conferences

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I'd love to teach workshops or join a panel at your next writing conference. I've participated as an instructor or panelist at...

- Storymakers (Provo, UT)
- LTUE (Provo, UT)
​- Lonestar.Ink Writing Conference (Dallas, TX)
- Nebraska Writing Guild Conference (Omaha, NE)
- Indie Author Hub (Kansas City, MO)
- Storymakers Midwest (Kansas City, MO)
- Kanab Writing Conference (Kanab, UT)
- Local Authors & You (West Jordan, UT)
​- Indie Author Day (Coppel, TX)
- Indie Author Day (American Fork, UT)
- League of Utah Writers (Salt Lake City, UT)

Below are classes that I offer. If you're interested in having me teach or join a panel, please send a message via my Contact Page.

How to Fix the Sagging Middle
If you want to learn how to fix your sagging middle, (and I'm not talking about those extra pounds you put on during the holidays), then this is the class for you. Discover proven tips and tricks to get your story back on track, excite you as a writer, and most importantly turn your readers into insomniacs who stay up way past their bedtime turning pages into the wee hours of the night. We'll discuss 15 different types of chapter-ending hooks, and other techniques, to help you keep your story churning forward through that saggy and soggy middle.
Hit a Homerun with Your First Chapter
Johan has judged hundreds of first chapters for various first chapter contests. He'll share tips and tricks to help knock your first chapter out of the park. He'll also review the first page and last page of attendee first chapters for all students attending the class if they submit it to him 3 months before the conference. (1 submission per attendee. Free of charge. Send to author@johantwiss.com). He'd review the full first chapter, but with so many attendees it would take too much time. But as you'll learn in the class, the the opening and closing of the first chapter tend to be where most of the magic happens in luring your readers and hooking them into your book.

Can You Smell the Colors of the Wind?
Adding a dash of color and a pinch of smell can transform your story from a $1 value meal burger into a filet mignon worthy of the Iron Chef. In this class, we discuss how to sprinkle your story with sensory seasoning, taking your writing to the next level. You are the master chef of your story and using sensory detail the right way will not only help satisfy your readers, but keep them coming back for more. As with any seasoning, too much can ruin your meal instead of enhancing it. But adding just the right amount of color, smell, taste, sound, and touch, can make all the difference.

DIY Cover Design Basics
So you want to make your own book cover. Maybe your budget is too tight to hire a cover artist or the idea of making your own cover excites you. In this class, we'll discuss the basics of cover design, what to avoid, what sells, where to find stock images that don't break the bank, and websites you can use to design your own covers. 

DIY Audiobook Narration (Master Class)
Audio books are the fastest growing medium in literature. If you've ever thought about narrating your own book, but you're not sure where to start, this is your intro to narrating on a budget (without skimping on quality). In this class we will talk about the equipment you'll need, narration tips and warmups, how to edit your narration, using ACX and other services such as Hoopla and Author's Republic to distribute your audiobook. I'll bring some of my equipment to give a live demonstration, along with a list of helpful sites and videos to learn more. 

Grow Your Audience Through Local Markets & School Visits (2-hour Intensive)
Looking for a non-traditional way to market yourself, make some money, and build a local following? Maybe it's time to try Farmers Markets. When Covid hit, and events were cancelled, Johan Twiss decided to try the only events still running--Farmers Markets! He went in with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised by the results. Now, after four years, he's handsold over 5,000 books at local markets and events. This has built a local following and helped him schedule dozens of school visits in his area. During the first hour of this class, Johan will share tips for selling at markets, the pros and the cons, and how to leave everyone with a good impression when they visit your booth. During the second hour, he'll dive into school visits, how to schedule them, how to sell books from these visits, and some tips and tricks for making them memorable for students and teachers.

Spark Creativity by Thinking Inside the Box

If you're stuck in creative limbo, suffering from an onset of writer's block, or feeling blah about your current manuscript or chapter, then maybe it's time to think inside the box. We'll talk about why thinking inside the box, instead of outside the box, can spark those creative juices. We'll break into groups, apply these principles, and workshop together to find solutions for areas you may be stuck with in your writing. If you don't have anything to share that's no problem. Come join us and learn the process and help your fellow writers as we workshop together!

Increase Your Hourly Word Count and Creativity

Learn to increase your hourly word count and spark those creative juices with actionable tips to help you be more productive. In this class, efficiency meets creativity with simple steps to help you discover your best writing self. Be prepared. The results may surprise you.

Incorporate Music, Poetry, and Riddles into Your Story without Boring the Reader
Music, poetry, and riddles all have a place in the written word, but how do you incorporate it without boring your readers so they don't just gloss over your amazing verse. We'll discuss 6 principles of incorporating musical lyrics, poetry, and riddles into your story and how it can take your writing to the next level.